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88th International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) Annual Meeting and Symposium, April 4-10, 2020, New Delhi, India

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The 88th ICOLD Annual Meeting will provide an excellent platform for researchers, scientists, engineers, policy makers and young professionals working in the field of energy and water resources management around the world.

ICOLD is a world renowned international organization having membership of 101 member countries providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience in dam engineering. The ICOLD event is a premier event for about 1500 International delegates, gathering to share their experiences and developing key contacts for future collaboration on projects and initiatives for ensuring that safe and secure dams are constructed and maintained for the benefit of their citizens. Its aim is to encourage advances in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of large dams and their associated civil works, by collecting and disseminating relevant information and by studying related technical questions.

During the week, there would be a symposium and series of workshops on different topics of dam engineering where experts will share their experiences in the advances in numerical analysis of dams, roller compacted concrete technology, sedimentation management, seismic analysis of dams design and safety evaluation of existing dams and life extension technologies and strategies for ageing dams initiatives, apart from Technical committee Meetings. India being the third largest dam owning country in the world, there is a lot to offer in terms of experiences and technology.

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