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Text of PM’s address at Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2020

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Have to increase at a Solutions work done to you. Country to face the Challenges, which are the Solution to attach itself to, the Data, Digitization and Hi-tech Future of India 's Aspirations of too strong to have.

Colleagues, we are always the pride have that last for centuries in our world one of the above great given leaders Scientist, an Technicians, Technology Enterprise Applications. But the 21st century is more rapid than the changes occurred in the world in India to their same effective role to play in the order as well as faster than us yourself from any change Will happen.

Similar thinking of with now the country 's Innovation for, Research for Design and for the Development for the Entreprise for important Eco-system faster than ready to go for it. Now too much emphasis has been going on Quality of Education, 21 th century of Technology with the 21st century 's requirements to cater to Education that system even as the need is .

Prime Minister e-learning program is or then AB Innovation Mission, the country in the Scientific Temperament increase the to many areas in the scholarship of the extension , or sports of the world, from the associated Talent to mordarna facilities and financial help, research to promote to the plans are , or again Creation of World Class 20 Institutes of Eminence in India The mission, online education is for new resources to build it or even smart India Hakathon like this campaign, an effort that is that India 's Education and modern made, modern made, here 's Talent to meet opportunities found.

Friends, in this episode few days ago the new education policy of the country has been announced The policy of the 21st century the youth of thinking, their needs, their hopes, expectations and aspirations to see the making of the wider effort has to. 5 years from all over the country in its every point on the Comprehensive Debate and Discussions that each level on the, then This policy has been made after going .

The true meaning of the whole of India , the country of dreams , the country 's future generation of hope Akanshao to your in boasts the new India 's education policy did have. In every region, in every state of the scholars of ideas to contain the was is. So it 's just not a Document Policy is but 130 million of There is also Reflection of Aspirations of more Indians .

Colleagues, you have your choice to see will, today too many children to think is that they have similar theme as the basis to judge the turns in which his interest is not it. Parents , the relatives , the friends , the whole environment pressure that is so that others choose the Subjects read seem to have. This approach The country to very large population that reported that educated you are, but what he read is that most of his work did not come. Degrees to dig the post also that your you in an incomplete feeling that is. Then within confidence born to be, which come Confidence must, his loss he felt that Is Its influence his whole life on the Journey to do is.

Peers, New Education Policy of the medium from the same approach to change is attempted be happening is, before the shortcomings of the far the going is is. India 's education system has now sisatemika reform, education of Intent and Content, both on to Transform the effort is.


The 21st century is the era of knowledge. This is the time to increase focus on: Learning, Research, Innovation. And, this is exactly what India's National Education Policy, 2020 does. This Policy wants to make your School, College and University experience: Fruitful Broad-based. One that guides you to your natural passions.

Friends, You are among the best and brightest of India. This Hackathon is not the first problem you have tried to solve. Nor is this the last. I want you, and youngsters like you not to stop doing three things: Learning, Questioning, Solving.

When you learn, you get the wisdom to question. When you question, you get out-of-the-box methods to solve problems. When you do that, you grow. Due to your effort, our nation grows. Our planet prospers .

Friends, India's National Education Policy reflects these spirits. We are shifting from: The burden of the school bag, which does not last beyond school. To the boon of learning which helps for life. From simply memorizing to critical thinking. For years, the limitations of the system had an adverse effect on the lives of students. No longer! The National Education Policy reflects the aspirations of young India. It is not process centric, It is people centric and future centric.

Friends, Among the most exciting things of the Policy is the emphasis on inter-disciplinary study. This concept has been gaining popularity. And, rightly so. One size does not fit all. One subject does not define who you are. There are no limits to discovering something new. Human history has many examples of stalwarts who have excelled in diverse areas. Be it Aryabhata, Leonardo da Vinci, Helen Keller, Gurudev Tagore. Now, we have done away with some traditional boundaries between arts, science, commerce. If someone is interested, they can learn: Maths and Music together, or Coding and Chemistry together. This will ensure the focus is on what the student wants to learn. Rather than what the student is expected to, by society. Inter-disciplinary studies gives you control. In the process, it also makes you flexible.

In the National Education Policy, Flexibility has been given great importance. There are provisions for multiple entry and exits. No one way streets for a student. The Under-Graduate experience can either be a three or four year journey. Students will enjoy the advantages of an Academic Bank of Credit, which will store all the academic credits acquired. These can be transferred and counted in the final degree. Such flexibility was long needed in our education system. I am happy the National Education Policy has addressed this aspect .

Friends, National Education Policy is big on access to education starting from primary education. In Higher Education, the aim is to increase Gross Enrolment Ratio to 50 percent by 2035. Other efforts be it Gender Inclusion Fund, Special Education Zones, options for Open and Distance Learning will also help.

Colleagues, our Constitution the chief architect of our country 's great educators Baba Saheb Ambedkar say was that education that should be that all of the access to be, all the to access it. These education policies, their this idea to be dedicated to. The Education Policy, Job seekers to make Job Creators rather than on force also is. Ie one Types of these in our Mindset, our approach to the reforms to the effort is. The policy to focus in similar self- young of building to which it decided to prevent that to him Job 's Service to do or even become Entrepreneur 's.

Friends, Language has always been sensitive subject in our country This is a big reason why it is that we here local language of their recent on the left have been, it flourish and further grow the very chance at had. Now education policy in which the changes brought to you, that India 's languages further Will grow, they will have more development The Indian 's knowledge of the increasingly as India 's unity to also increasingly. Our Indian languages in much the same rich compositions are, for centuries the knowledge , the experience is, in all now , and expand it. This world is also India 's rich languages to introduce it. And lot Big advantage it would be to students of his early years in his own language in learning to get.

It makes their talent and flowers grow to be the order explain enough opportunities will, he instinctively without being under pressure of new things to learn to motivate will, of education Judh to find. But even the GDP today is based on the world top 20 countries in the list to see if most countries their home language, mother language in the Give education The country of your country in the youth 's thinking and understanding of their language in the developed while you and the world of communication with the to other languages on any forces that are. This policy and strategy 21st century of India 's to also very useful when the is. India to have you Languages of the wonderful treasure is, those learning to for lifetime also less likely to have and today the world also it for tempted to.

Peers, new educational policy of more important thing is. In the Local The focus is, as much as to him Global to Integrate with on the force have been to. side where the local folk arts and disciplines, classical art and knowledge of the natural location to the point is that the Top Global Institutions to India open campus at the invitation too Is. This our youth to India in the Word Class Exposure and Opportunities also find and Global Competition in for more preparation also may be able to. This India in the Global Institute of Construction in India to global education of the Hub to create still a lot of help will.

Peers, the country 's youth power on me always of much confidence have. Why this trust is proved by the youth of the country again and again Recently the same in the Corona defense of for face shields demand sharply increases went this week. The demand for 3D Printing technology to as complete to the large scale on The youth of the country came forward PPEs and other Medical Devices for the type of country 's youth front innovators, Young Entrepreneurs come to her to discuss each side has. Health Bridge app to as the young developers who Kovid of tracking for the best medium land on very short time to prepare to be a.

Friends, all of you are the energy of aspiration of India for youth, self reliance The country 's poor for a Better Life in, Ease of of Living Our goal is to get to as you all youth 's role is very important is. always with the view being that the country of the coming of such challenge does not have to Our young percussion not be possible, the solution is not looking for. Everyone needs time when the country had its young innovators of the saw , he was disappointed not to have.

When India Hakathon the way of the past years in Amazing Innovations country to get to. completed belief is that this Hackathon later also to all young partner, the country 's needs to recognize the country 's independence to make the order, the new solutions work to continue.

once again you all the very best wishes gives I.

Thank you very much .