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The passport application should be filled online https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ .

Please check that all columns are correctly and legibly filled and no column is left blank or unfilled/un-responded or vaguely filled with a dash, tick etc. Application for the service in any other form is not acceptable. Kindly ensure to mention one Indian and one Swedish/Latvian address in the Passport application form.

Please select the Mission as Sweden-Stockholm and select the appropriate service.

In order to fill up Passport application online, please Register by creating an account therein and move forward on the website to complete the online part of the application.

Take a printout of the application, sign in blue or black ink and send the application form along with required documents, payment receipt etc. in a REK/ Registered envelope only to the Embassy of India, Stockholm at Kornhamnstorg 4, Box 2131, 10314, Stockholm. Please don’t forget to send self-addressed return REK/ Registered envelope to get back your passport/registration of birth etc.

Special instruction due to COVID-19 pandemic situation

Presently there is a delay in the processing of cases. Given the situation, may take 4-6 weeks to get a new passport. If the documents are incomplete/missing, processing will be delayed further, and the date of submission will be considered as the date of completion of documents.     


The Embassy does not accept cash/cheque at the Visa/Passport/OCI Counter. Applicants are requested to pay fee for the service requested through BANK-GIRO only and enclose a copy of the proof of payment along with the application documents.

Important information before payment for the service Passport.

Applicants are requested to pay the fee for the service(s) requested, through online bank transfer to given below account number. 
It is mandatory to give the following details in the Message box (Meddelande box) of the transaction sheet. 

  • Service(s) requested for
  • Name of the applicant (s)
  • Mobile/Telephone number

Bank details for Latvian residents:                              

Bank details for Swedish residents:

SEK Account: 5277 1103 311
IBAN No: SE10 5000 0000 0527 7110 3311
Beneficiary’s Name – Embassy of India

BankGiro No. 5816-4930  

Click here for Passport Fee

1. Check list for the documents required for re-issue of Passport.

2. Check list for the documents required for re-issue of Passport for minor applicants up to 18 years 

3Check list for the documents for newborn child in Sweden/Latvia 

4Check list for the documents for Lost/Damaged Indian Passports 

5. Emergency Certificate (Only for travel back to India)