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The procedure for processing the applications of proposals for shooting documentaries in India has been streamlined and visas will be granted within three working days for shooting documentaries in locations in non-restricted areas and pertaining to the following subjects:

(i) Tourism promotions
(ii) Sports
(iii) Corporate documentaries or commercials.

2. The following documentation will continued to be required to be submitted:

a) Application form - available on the Mission\'s website (Annexure I)
b) Undertaking - available on the Mission\'s website (Annexure II)
c) Synopsis
d) Complete list of locations with dates of shooting
e) Crew List
f) Equipment list (Please note that no satellite equipments will be permitted)

3. Where shooting in restricted areas is involved (details of restricted and protected areas can be checked from Ministry of Home Affair\'s website. (http://mha.nic.in/pdfs/ForeigD-FAQs-onPAPandRAP.pdf) or the subject is not one of those listed above; permission may take around 8-10 weeks to come through.

4. With reference to filming at locations/monuments falling under Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and areas under Indian Railways, permission from these agencies needs to be obtained and payment of necessary fees to the concerned authorities would have to be made. Similarly aerial filming needs to be cleared by Department of Civil Aviation. On the basis of clearance issued by this Embassy, the filming companies may directly deal with these agencies for seeking their permission. Alternatively this can be handled by their local representatives in India.

5. For filming of documentary, ordinarily single/double entry "J" visa for one month/three months will be granted to the crew members as per the filming schedule.