About Us Important Points

ATTENTION: Please book an appointment before visiting the Embassy.

For attestation or getting other consular services, documents can be submitted on Embassy's working days between 9.00 hrs - 12.00 hrs. The time to collect the documents is between 9.00 hrs - 12.00 hrs, but on the date informed to the individual by the official on the counter.

IMPORTANT: Under instructions of Government of India, the Embassy of India, Stockholm has established the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) to meet the contingency expenditure incurred by this Embassy for carrying out welfare activities for overseas Indian citizens, who are in distress.
Each individual requiring any kind of consular/attestation services has to pay additional amount of 17 SEK for ICWF, in addition to normal fees for all services. All fees mentioned below already include 17 SEK for ICWF.

It may also please be noted that the Embassy has stopped accepting cash/cheque at the counter. Only proof of payment by bank-giro is acceptable, which is to be attached along with the documents to be attested.

Important Points regarding Attestation/Apostille of Foreign Originated Documents by MEA
In view of legality involved in attesting a document issued by a foreign government/agency, the requirement of attestation/apostille of documents is clarified as below:
Documents originated in India only can be attested/apostilled by MEA.
ii) Foreign public documents attested by competent authority of originating country do not need attestation by MEA.
iii) Foreign originated public documents of a country, after attestation by its diplomatic Mission/Post in India, do not need further attestation by MEA.
iv) Though the Apostille Convention does not apply to administrative documents dealing directly with commercial or customs operations, yet in practice some countries legalize their documents that are essential for foreign trade and commerce. MEA also attests/apostilles commercial documents originated in India after pre-authentication by concerned Indian Chamber of Commerce/ Business association.