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Police clearance certificates are sometimes sought from Indian nationals for work, residence permits or for student visas. Some Foreign Governments or institutions accept only certificates issued by the Embassy and not by police authorities in India.

Processing time: Please note that the Embassy can issue a Police Clearance Certificate within three working days if all the documents are found to be correct.

Sometimes the case needs to be referred to concerned RPO where last passport was issued, it might take more than 3 days to issue a PCC, following such a situation.

To obtain a police clearance certificate, the applicants must submit/send to the Embassy the following documents:

§  Completed Application Form for Police Clearance Certificate (To be downloaded from Application Forms)
§  One recent passport-size photograph (front view against light background, to be pasted/stapled on application form)
§  Copy of passport pages which contain photograph and other personal particulars
§  Copy of valid Visa
§  One letter explaining why the certificate is required
§  Submit a proof of bank-giro payment of SEK 224
§  Please book an appointment if you’re visiting in person for submission of application.
§  If the document is to be sent back by post, a self-addressed stamped envelope should be enclosed. Person residing in Latvia must send International Coupons along with the application
§  The same service can be applied for by post also by sending the above-mentioned documents by post along with an envelope for return of the documents.

Note: PCC can not be submitted and collected on the same day. Kindly make arrangement in advance to avoid any last-minute issues.

Bank details for Latvian residents:                              

Bank details for Swedish residents:

SEK Account: 5277 1103 311
IBAN No: SE10 5000 0000 0527 7110 3311

Bank Giro No. 5816-4930  

  • Please note that a PCC issued from Embassy of India, cannot be further apostilled from us.

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