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MOVE Global Mobility Summit from 7-8 September 2018 in New Delhi, India

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MOVE: Global Mobility Summit’ from 7-8 September 2018 in New Delhi, India

                NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India), Government of India, is organizing ‘MOVE: Global Mobility Summit’ in New Delhi on 7th – 8th September 2018, to showcase innovation and build a platform to shape the future of mobility.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will be inaugurating the Summit.

India’s First Global Mobility Summit, with over 1,200 expected participants from across the world including Government and Global Industry leaders, Research Organizations, Academia and Civil Society Organizations. MOVE aims to bring together and engage with key stakeholders within the rapidly transforming global mobility landscape and to evolve a public interest framework for a shared, connected, zero emission and inclusive mobility agenda for the future.

                Effective and efficient transport is crucial for development and in realising the economic potential. The transport systems should be sustainable, environmentally clean, energy efficient and affordable in additional to being energy efficient, accessible and inclusive.

The Move Summit include: (i) THE CORE SUMMIT; (ii) THE MOBILITY EXPO; AND (iii) PARALLEL EVENTS. It will help leverage a number of unique features of India's mobility ecosystem:

(a)     Tremendous potential for a fundamental shift;

(b)     Low lock-in-effect;

(c)     Scale and size;

(d)    Frugal innovation; and

(e)    Globally-recognized technological prowess.

The core summit will consist of focused high-level panel discussions around both foundational and cutting-edge aspects of mobility. It will facilitate discussions between key players in the mobility ecosystem on the barriers, enablers and opportunities for transport markets, such as low emission vehicles, future fuels and intelligent transport. The Mobility Expo will focus on state-of-the-art technologies for sustainable urban transportation and provide a forum to explore potential pathways for innovation in transport. Parallel events will allow a greater diversity of stakeholders to conduct smaller-scale, in-depth and personalized conversations around specific topics of expertise. Together, the Move Summit will seek to integrate India's efforts around sustainable development, urbanization, clean energy and more, through the unique lens of mobility.

For more details, please follow the below links:

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