About Us Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Visas

Can I get a visa on arrival to enter India? 

- No, you must obtain a visa before taking a flight to India. You cannot obtain a visa on arrival in India.

I will be changing flights/airports in India to travel to my final destination (say Nepal, Thailand etc.) Do I need a visa to change flights/airport terminals?

-You need to apply for a transit visa if you are going to change from an international terminal to a domestic terminal of any Indian airport or if you are going to stay in an airport hotel even for a few hours. You don't need a transit visa if you stay in the waiting area reserved for international transit passengers in an Indian airport. Note that you can stay for a maximum period of 72 hours in India on a transit visa. You should have a confirmed air ticket for the onward journey.

What is the normal processing time?

-If all the documents are in order, the normal processing time is 5-6 working days for Swedish /Latvian passport. In referral cases it may take 30-45 days to issue visa.

Can I confirm all my travel bookings before getting the visa?

-It is always better to confirm bookings only after obtaining visa.

From when does the validity of a visa begin?

-The validity of the visa begins from the date of issue.

How do I retrieve the form if I had not completed it?

-Please note down the Temporary Application ID when you are filling the form. Your Information will be saved if you click save button or continue to next page. If you make an exit without doing either of that, your information will be lost. (Minimum field required for Partial Save is up to Date of Birth)

-If you click on partially filled form and fill the temporary Application ID, the form will be retrieved.

Can I apply for a visa to India through the Embassy of India, Stockholm if I am outside Sweden?

-You are advised to approach the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate in the country of your residence.

If I fill out a visa application form for a minor; who has to sign the application?

-Either of the parents can sign visa application form for a minor if the minor cannot sign.

Do I need to come in person to submit/collect the passport?

-No, it is not necessary to come in person. The application and passports along with proof of payment can be sent by post.

How do I withdraw my application, and will I get a refund?

-If you want to withdraw your application, you have to submit your request in writing to the Embassy of India to Sweden & Latvia for withdrawal, but no refund is admissible.

Can I come to the Embassy to fill the visa form?

-No. You are requested to come to Embassy only with complete application with all required documents. No incomplete applications will be accepted.

Can I pay the visa fee at the Embassy?

-No, Visa fees cannot be paid at the Embassy. Due to current covid situation only postal applications are being accepted. Visa fee payments must be made as bank transfer to the Embassy's account. A printed receipt of the payment must be produced. While making bank payment please mention type of visa, name of applicant and mobile number/ landline number.

I have paid the visa fee twice/I have paid the visa fee but my trip was cancelled/my application was rejected. Can I get a refund?

-Visa fees once paid are not refunded.

What are the opening hours of the Embassy?
-Working hours for the Embassy are Monday—Friday in the morning at 0900 –1300 hrs. 
-Currently only Postal applications are being accepted. In case of emergency, passports with visas can be collected only on prior appointment from the Embassy.

The Indian visa pages do not work/keep crashing. Can I fill the form at the Embassy?
-Indian visa can only be applied for with the online form. If the visa pages do not work properly, please wait a few hours and try again. You may also like to clear the internet cache of the system being used to fill the application form.

I was an Indian national previously, now I am a Swedish/Latvian national, do i still need to apply for visa?
-Yes. You have to apply for a visa, if you haven't yet received the OCI (Overseas citizenship of India) card. You are also requested to provide us with copy of your cancelled Indian passport.

Can I apply for OCI and Visa together?
-No, you can apply for either of the services at a time, as the original passport has to be submitted while applying Visa / OCI. There are different procedure for both services. For details, please visit:





Can I hold two citizenships if I am an Indian national?
-No. India does not allow dual citizenship. You are required to renounce your Indian citizenship as soon as you acquire foreign citizenship.

If I have to make a comment or a complaint regarding visa services, where can I send it?
-You can send an e-mail at: visa.stockholm@mea.gov.in
Complaint can also be copied to: hoc.stockholm@mea.gov.in