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President of India 
The correct and authorized website address of the President of India is www.presidentofindia.nic.in and email address is presidentofindia[at]rb[dot]nic[dot]in No other websites have been authorized nor do they have any connection with the President of India. Those utilizing the services of other websites would do so at their own risk


Links to important Swedish websites
The Swedish Government 
The Riksbank (Central Bank of Sweden) 
Swedish Trade and Invest Council 
Invest in Sweden Agency 
Statistics Sweden 
National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) 
Stockholmsmassan (Stockholm International Fairs) 
Svenskamässan (Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre) 
The Official Gateway to Sweden 
Yellow pages 
Swedfund (Development Finance Institution of Sweden) 
Swedish Export Credit Corporation 

Links to Swedish Chamber of Commerce websites
Stockholm Chamber of Commerce 
Sweden India Business Council 
Swedish National Board of Trade 
Open Trade Gate Sweden 
Swedish Chamber of Commerce 
Swedish Trade Federation - Svensk Handel 
EKN, The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board 
Business Sweden 
Chamber Trade Sweden 
Swedish Association of Agents - Agenturföretagen 


Links to important Latvian websites
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Government of Latvia 
Central Statistical Bureau 

Links to Latvian Chamber of Commerce websites
Latvian Chamber of Commerce & Industry 
LIAA (Investment and Development Agency of Latvia)