About Us Revised ICWF Fee

SI.No. Matter in respect of which an additional fee is leviable in Scale of fee (in USD$) [Rounded off in local currency to the next whole/round number] ICWF fee as per the new gazette notification dated 16.08.2017
1 Visa and OCI Cards US $ 3/- per document SEK.25/-
2 Passport US $ 2/- per document SEK.17/-
3 Attestation of Employment document US $ 2/- per document SEK.17/-
4 Attestation of other document and other Misc. Consular services (other than in death cases) US $ 2/- per document SEK.17/-

Fee for all the Consular Services will include above rates of ICWF fee from 1st Septemebr, 2017.