About Us Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

  • Application for Renunciation Certificate may be submitted by the applicant between 1000 hrs to 1100 hrs. The time to collect the document and original passport is between 1600 hrs to 1700 hrs. Applicant will receive an email from the Embassy when the Renunciation Certificate is ready for collection. (Please book an appointment before visiting the Embassy)
  • Applications may also be sent and collected by Registered Post to/from the Embassy at Kornhamnstorg 4, Box 2131, 10314, Stockholm

  • Presently there are some delays in the processing of cases, given the situation. Please contact us after three weeks of sending the application if you do not hear anything from us.

  • If you want to know if the embassy has received the application, kindly send the application in a REK envelope and track it on the Postnord website. If you want to know the tracking number of your dispatched post, note the REK number of your return envelope in advance and track it on the Postnord website. The REK receipt can be generated on the Postnord’s website.


As per the citizenship rules 2009 of Government of India, Indian nationals living abroad who intend to acquire a foreign citizenship are required to renounce their Indian citizenship. Government of India does not permit dual nationality to Indian citizens. This requirement is necessary to process applications for OCI cards by persons of Indian origin who have acquired citizenship of another country.
As per the new guidelines received from Ministry of Home Affairs, India, the procedure of Renunciation has been amended with immediate effect. 

The Renunciation of Indian Citizenship should be filled online. 

Documents required:

1) Print of duly-filled online Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Form at https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/

2) Application forms for Renunciation, Annexure - I (click here) (In Annexure – I, a witness needs to vouch (Witness) for the correctness of the details of the Applicant. It is mentioned on the form where the witness will vouch).

3) Self attested copy of Indian passport and valid Visa/Permit of the witness

4) One coloured photograph against white background (photograph should not be more than six months old and is the size of 2 inch * 2 inch (51mm*51mm))

5) Indian passport in original

6) Self attested copy of Indian passport (First and Last page)

7) Self attested copy of Swedish passport

8) Self attested copy of Certificate of Registration/Naturalization of foreign nationality (Medborgarskapbevis).
9) Fee receipt of 827 SEK (to pe paid in bank-giro 5816-4930)

10) Personbevis in English

The Spouse of the applicant will not be considered as a witness. Every applicant (including minors) must fill separate application and pay separate fee including minors. Every application is considered as separate application and should include all the above-mentioned documents. Any application without complete documents will not be accepted.

In case a child who cannot sign or write his/her name, parents can sign on their behalf or they can put their thumb impression. (Left Thumb for male and right thumb for female minor applicant)
Processing time: Please note that the renunciation will take approximately 2 weeks if all the documents are found to be correct.

The process/queries related to renunciation would be taken care of by OCI section. The OCI application will only be accepted once the Indian passport is renounced/cancelled. 

Both the applications (Renunciation & OCI) cannot be accepted at the same time. At the time of collection of Renunciation certificate also, the OCI application will not be accepted as you need to upload the cancelled Indian passport copy online before submitting the OCI application.

The process to renounce one's Indian nationality is to simply deposit application personally or send it by registered post. In case of wishing this service by post, a return REK  envelope with address and postage stamps may also be sent to the Embassy. The Embassy on its part will cancel appropriate pages and return the passport to the individual. Pages containing valid visas will not be cancelled.

All the applicants must pay an amount of SEK 827 

Please note that:

* After renunciation, you will be given back your cancelled passport and computer generated renunciation certificate.

Important information before payment for the service Renunciation.

Applicants are requested to pay the fee for the service(s) requested, through online bank transfer to given below account number. 
It is mandatory to give the following details in the Message box (Meddelande box) of the transaction sheet. 

  • Service(s) requested for
  • Name of the applicant (s)
  • Mobile/Telephone number

Bank details for Latvian residents:                              

Bank details for Swedish residents:

SEK Account: 5277 1103 311
IBAN No: SE10 5000 0000 0527 7110 3311
Beneficiary’s Name – Embassy of India

Bank Giro No. 5816-4930  

IMPORTANT: Under instructions of Government of India, the Embassy of India, Stockholm has established the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) to meet the contingency expenditure incurred by this Embassy for carrying out welfare activities for Overseas Indian Citizens who are in distress.