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It is suggested to go through these instructions carefully as the applicant will find answers to most of their queries here. If your requirement is still not met, email us at ppt.stockholm@mea.gov.in

Application for re-issue of passports, which are expiring within 12 months, can be accepted for processing. For example, a passport getting expired on 30/09/2021, the application for re-issue can be submitted any time after 30/09/2020.

Please do not fold or staple the documents, even if sending through Registered post.

Signature and thumb impressions should be confined to the prescribed box. In case a child who cannot sign, his/her left thumb impression must be provided.

All details should be checked very carefully after filling up the online applications. Check for errors in spellings and typos.

Signature on the application form should exactly match with the current passport unless changed by providing self-declaration.

A passport expired more than six months back should be supported by a Self-Affidavit/undertaking explaining the circumstances for not getting it renewed and spelling out the reasons for late submission. 

Please note that if the supporting documents provided are not satisfactory, the applicant will be asked to provide more documentary evidence, even if those documents aren’t mentioned under respective category.

If nearly all pages in your passport have been utilized, you may apply for re-issue of passport. You can apply for a normal booklet or a Jumbo booklet. Follow the procedure given under RE-ISSUE OF PASSPORTcategory. You will have to provide a signed letter stating that the visa pages have been exhausted. The Embassy would verify this checking your original passport which will be submitted/sent along, in original.

The applicant needs to provide a copy of his/her Co-ordination number (Samordnings nummer), issued from Skatteverket (Swedish tax agency) in case they do not have a Person number and Personbevis yet. 

In case of new-born children, where Skatteverket is not accepting the name as you want: you should register the name of the child with Skatteverket as per their rules. While filling the Passport application and birth registration online, you may write the name as you want. Once you have the name in desired format in the passport, you may go to Skatteverket and get the name changed in Personbevis. Keep a copy safely with you for all the documents submitted to Embassy, in case of new-born applicants, as they might ask for it before changing the name.

Address change: If the applicant wants the address to be changed once he/she applies for the renewal of passport, following documents are required:

- For adults: If the address is to be changed from what it is in current passport, the applicant must provide: either an Aadhar card OR two different address proofs with the new address (Voter ID card, driving license, passbook copy of nationalized banks, utility bills etc.) Out of the two proofs provided, one should be a photo ID proof.
- For minor applicants: above listed documents for either of the parents are required.
- For new-born applicants: Indian address can be taken from either of the parent’s passport. Otherwise, above listed documents can be provided by either of the parents.
- In case Swedish address is desired in the passport, it shall be taken as it is from your Personbevis (issued by Skatteverket).

The old passport is required to be cancelled at the time of issue of new passport, but the Embassy does not cancel the visas on the passport. However, some countries require that the visa should be on a valid passport.  Please check the regulations of the relevant country with respective Embassies.

At the time of collection of passports, it is required that the person whom the passport belongs to should collect it. Passports will not be handed over to friends/relatives. In case of extreme emergency, close family members can collect the passport along with an authority letter from the applicant and a photo ID proof of the individual collecting it. A prior email must be sent with all the information.

It is not obligatory to bring new-born/minors at the time of submission of applications OR collection of passports. Either of the parents can come and get the service required for their children. Parents are requested to carry their photo ID proof while visiting on behalf of children. Please do not forget to take thumb impressions of your child at required places in case you are not bringing him/her to the Embassy. 

The date and time for the appointment needs to be booked separately on www.indembassysweden.gov.in and would not be printed on the application form itself.

It is an offence under the Passport Act, 1967 to furnish any false information or to suppress any material information with a view to obtain passport or any other travel document. Fake signatures of any of the parents in applications for minors would invite legal consequences.


All Passport renewal applications already under submission are strictly advised not to travel on their existing passport as the old passport gets immediately cancelled in the system on applying for new passport.

Useful Information Points:

Embassy accepts all fees in SEK only.
Fees once paid are non-refundable.
EOI Contact Number: + 46 868432100
EOI List of Holidays: https://www.indembassysweden.gov.in/page/holiday/