About Us Taking Ashes of Deceased Persons to India

If an Urn containing the ashes of a deceased Indian citizen is to be transported to India, the Embassy issues a letter to facilitate help with the customs and other authorities.

The following conditions need to be fulfilled:

 §  Submit the Death Certificate issued from local authorities/Skatteverket

§  Submit the Cremation Certificate

§  Submit the Certificate (Embalming certificate) from the Undertaker confirming that the urn contains ashes of the deceased person and that it has been sealed according to international regulations

§  Submit the original passport and photocopy of the passport/OCI of the deceased

§  Submit the original passport/OCI and photocopy of the same, of the person taking the urn.

§  Submit a proof of bank-giro payment of SEK 224

§  Please book an appointment if you’re visiting in person for submission of application.

§  If the document is to be sent back by post, a self-addressed stamped envelope should be enclosed.

§  The same service can be applied for by post also by sending the above-mentioned documents by post along with an envelope for return of the documents.