About Us Issue of Life Certificate

The service is provided free of cost to the retired Indian citizens, receiving pension benefits from the Government of India. The applicant needs to fulfil the following conditions:

§  Come personally at the Embassy's counter

§  Submit Life Certificate

§  Duly filled in Miscellaneous Services Form (available in the link 'Application Forms' under subhead ‘Other Forms and Affidavits’ - item number 1)

§  For Indian passport holders: original passport, a photocopy of the first and last pages of the passport and visa copy/ For Swedish passport holders: original passport, a photocopy of the passport and a copy of first and last pages of OCI card (if applicable)

§  Submit the Pension Pay-book (if available)

§  Submit a proof of bank-giro payment of SEK 121 in BG No. 5816-4930 (in case of a foreign national, who was earlier an Indian citizen)

§  The documents are to be submitted by the applicants between 10.00 hrs - 11.00 hrs. They can be collected between 16.00 hrs - 17.00 hrs on the appointed day, as advised by the official on the counter [Please book an appointment before visiting the Embassy ]

§  In case the applicant wishes the document to be sent back to him/her by post, he/she is liable to deposit a self-addressed adequately-stamped envelope

§  Processing Time: up to three working days