About Us Important Points to be Noted


  • The right to grant visa solely remains with the Embassy of India, Stockholm including related to the number of days and entries. 

  • Each and every individual has to apply for Visa separately, including infants and minors. 

  • Visa fee once paid is non-refundable. 

  • Issue of visa by the Embassy of India, Stockholm does not guarantee the applicant the right to enter the territory of the Republic of India; final authority to allow entry into India lies with the immigration authorities at the airport or any other port/place of entry. 

  • Misuse of Visa such as indulging in activities not in accordance with the stated purpose of the visit will lead to immediate cancellation of the visa and possible ban on entry into India in future. 

  • As per Government of India regulations,Thuraya and other such Satellite phones are not permitted in India. Unauthorized use of Thuraya and other satellite phones violates Section 24 of the Indian Telegraph Act. 

  • Applicants who apply by post should refrain from sending cash in envelopes to the Embassy. 

  • Visa sticker pasted on the passport gives information regarding the name of the applicant, passport number, category of visa, number of entries, validity of the visa and if required, special endorsement for visit to protected/restricted areas within the territory of India. If a discrepancy is found in the visa sticker, it should be immediately brought to the notice of  the Embassy as the case may be.

  • Employment Visa once granted by the Embassy is not extendable in Stockholm. The visa can only be extended in designated offices (Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office) in India nearest to the place of work of the individual.