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MEA's role in enabling safe, legal, smart and stable international migration during Covid-19

Posted on: September 04, 2020 | Back | Print

Covid-19 posed special challenges to international migration and many Indian workers had to return home, although the vast majority of Indian workers overseas continued to work in their host countries.

MEA has worked closely with all stakeholders to provide an environment to promote safe, legal, smart and stable migration and respond to the challenges of Covid-19.

In consultations with host countries, especially in the Gulf, our partners have applauded the significant contributions of Indian workers and professionals and welcomed their return. In fact certain sectors have already shown a positive trend with revival of migration of healthcare and digital workers and professionals. Our joint efforts to integrate foreign migration platforms with e-Migrate have also improved prospects for Indian migrant workers. New sectors and new destinations are emerging for Indian workers and professionals.

Recognizing the important role of registered Recruitment Agencies in the process of migration, MEA has provided a number of Covid-19 specific relaxations, including 50% reduction in bank guarantees, free extension of licenses till 31 March 2021 and relaxation on office space norms to alleviate the difficult economic conditions faced by RAs and facilitate their operations to help revival of international migration, even during Covid-19. These measures will provide a better environment to kick start return of migrants to traditional and new sectors and destinations.

Ministry of External Affairs has also organized stakeholder sessions to prepare the proposed new future-oriented Emigration Management Bill, which will be presented shortly.

MEA promotes safe, legal, smart and stable international migration during Covid-19.

New Delhi
September 04, 2020