About Us New passport in lieu of Lost/Stolen/Damaged passport and Emergency Certificate

It is informed that presently there is a significant delay in the processing of cases due to Novel Corona Virus outbreak in Stockholm. Therefore, it is hard to predict a timeline for getting new passports. Please don't enclose your current original passport while you post the application to usYou shall be asked to send the old passport once the new one is ready.

Kindly be patient with and co-operate with us in this situation of global crisis.

New passport in lieu of Lost/Stolen/Damaged passport and Emergency Certificate

Issue of a new passport/travel document, in case the passport is LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED;

If an Indian national who is legally resident in Sweden/Latvia has either lost, damaged his/her Indian Passport or the passport has been stolen, he/she is required to apply for a new passport.

Check list for the documents required for Lost / Damaged passport:

  • Copy of passport (first & last page)

  • Copy of Residence Permit/Work permit (front & back side)

  • Police Complaint Report in case of loss or theft

  • A statement by the applicant explaining circumstances in which passport was lost/stolen/damaged

  • Letter from employer/institute stating work/course details & duration of stay

  • Affidavit for Lost passport (can be found under Forms related to Passport services (Form no. 2)

  • Latest Personbevis OR the Extract of Population Register issued by Skatteverket for Residents of Sweden

  • One Local address proof for Residents of Latvia

  • A self -addressed stamped REK envelope of appropriate size if you want the passport to be posted back to you. Applicants living in Latvia may attach 11 International Reply Coupons to their self-addressed envelopes.

  • Proof of payment of SEK 1484/- (for 36-page passport) or SEK 1728/- (for 60-page passport) Bank Giro No. 5816-4930

Check list for the documents required for Emergency Certificate:

  • Application form (provided at the Embassy)

  • 3 photos

  • Indian Passport copy

  • Visa copy, if you have

  • Photocopy of police complaint report

  • A written explanation letter by applicant

  • Copy of confirmed ticket to India

  • Payment proof of SEK164 in Embassy Bank account. BG no 5816-4930
In case of extreme emergencies, a Short Validity Passport is issued to the Indian nationals, in case of loss of passport during a temporary visit to Sweden/Latvia when the person has a Residence card of some other country.

A Short Validity Passport is issued for a period of six months only in the cases when the Embassy finds it necessary to issue such Short Validity Passports.

Applicants may please note that such Short Validity Passports cannot be renewed. Applicants are required to apply for a ten-year validity Indian passport with the Embassy by paying the normal passport fee for re-issue and submit necessary documents along with the application form.

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