About Us Eligibility, processing time & printing.


An Indian Passport holder is eligible to get a new passport when his/her current Indian Passport expires. The earliest an Indian national can apply for a new ten-year Indian Passport is a year before the expiry of his/her present passport. The fresh Indian Passport that is provided to the applicant is with the validity of ten years starting from the Passport's date of issue in India.

To put it clearly, if an Indian Passport holder has his/her passport expiring on April 30, 2021, the application for a new Indian Passport can be deposited any time after April 30, 2020. Please note that Government of India has stopped the practice of issuing Additional Booklets on existing Indian Passports.


Please note that the usual processing time of applications is ONE MONTH after the completion of all documents (CHANGED DUE TO COVID-19, CHECK RESPECTIVE CATEGORY).

Once we receive your application, an email will be sent as confirmation. It will be appreciatedthat you contact us for status inquiries only after the aforementioned time. In case some documents are missing/incomplete, the applicant shall be emailed about it. Process will only start once the applications stands complete.

In case a reference is to be made to the original Passport Issuing Authority i.e. your old RPO, it might take longer time. A Personal Particulars form may need to be filled, in case the RPO finds it necessary to carry out a fresh Police verification.


It is to be noted that Indian Passports are not printed in the Embassy. Indian Passports are personalized and printed by the authorities in India and sent to us for onward dispatch to their rightful owners. The process starts with the applicant submitting filled in Passport Application along with all the necessary documents; the case is then referred to authorities in India. If everything is found fit by them, the passport is printed and sent to the Embassy.

Applicants must be careful about giving proper information in the application form, depositing necessary documents including photocopies wherever necessary and provide appropriate photographs. Instances have been there, where authorities inform us about rejection of photographs or documents, resulting in Embassy asking for fresh photographsand more documents of the applicants, thereby delaying in printing of new Passports. It is an applicant’s sole responsibility to go through the website and fetch all the information before applying.