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Q.No.1 What are the documents required for making application for re-issue of passport? 
Check list for the documents required for Re-issue of Passport:

  • Print out of duly filled online Indian Passport Application Form which can be done at passport.gov.in/nri (Please select the appropriate service).

  • Two passport-size recent color photographs, one to be pasted on the form.

  • Current passport in both original and copies of front and back page

  • Latest Personbevis issued by Skatteverket (i.e. the Extract of Population Register issued by Swedish Tax Authority)

  • Visa copy, both front and back side / Copy of Residence Permit

  • Following a marriage, the certificate of marriage may be attached duly attested by the state government along with a photocopy of the spouse's passport. If issued in Sweden, the marriage certificate should be duly notarized.

  • Following a divorce, if the applicant wants to remove the spouse name on his/her passport, court orders of divorce may be attached. The divorce decree if issued in Sweden should be duly notarized.

  • An affidavit in case of minors (under the age of 18) named Declaration by Parents for an Indian Passport to a Minor Applicant (can be found on the Application Form) ( Form no.5)

  • A self -addressed stamped REK envelope of appropriate size if you want the passport to be posted back to you. Applicants living in Latvia may attach 11 International Reply Coupons to their self addressed envelopes.

  • An undertaking by the applicant if the passport is still valid but the visa pages have exhausted.

  • Proof of bank-giro payment of SEK 639/- (for 36-page passport application) or SEK 846/- (for 60-page passport application), SEK 432/- in case of minor applicants (for 36-page passport application only)  [All Inclusive of ICWF Fees SEK 17/-] Bank Giro No. 5816-4930 

Q.No.2 Do I have to come to the Mission in person to apply or can I send the application by post? 
There are two methods of applying for an Indian Passport:

  • Deposit the application form and the documents in person at the Embassy. Once the passport is ready for collection, the applicant will be notified via phone or email. There is no online tracking system unfortunately.

  • Send the application form and documents by post to the Embassy (in this case, a return envelope must accompany the application bundle with the applicant's address and adequate stamps for return of the Indian Passport)

Q.No.3 What is a jumbo Passport? 
Jumbo passport booklet contains 60 pages. Frequent travelers may apply for it.

Q.No.4 How long does it take to issue a new passport? 
The processing time is 4 weeks, if the passport application is complete in all respect. In case a reference is to be made to the original Passport Issuing Authority, it might take longer time.

Q.No.5 What documents are required for endorsement of my wife’s/husband’s name in my new passport?
For endorsement of spouse’s name, please enclose a copy of marriage certificate (duly attested by the state government) along with a photocopy of the spouse's passport. If issued in Sweden, the marriage certificate should be duly notarized).

Q.No.6 How can I ensure that my Indian address is printed in my new passport? While filling the application form online, please mention the address that you want in new passport. It can be;

  • The address mentioned on your current passport OR
  • The address written on Personbevis (in case you want Swedish address) OR
  • Your new address for which you will have to provide either an Aadhar card OR two different address proofs with the new address (Voter ID card, driving license, passbook copy of nationalized banks, utility bills etc.) Out of the two proofs provided, one has to be a photo ID proof.

Q.No.7 What document should I send to get ECNR stamp on my passport? 
The practice of putting ECNR stamp on passport has been discontinued. Therefore, no document is required to be sent for this purpose.

Q.No.8 My passport is still valid. However, all pages of my passport are exhausted. What should I do? Can I have an additional booklet? How can I apply for the same?
 If nearly all pages in your passport have been utilized, you may apply for re-issue of passport. You can apply for a normal MRP booklet or a Jumbo MRP booklet. Additional booklets are not issued now. You will have to provide a signed letter stating the same.

Q.No.9 My passport is due to soon expire. When is the latest time I should apply for re-issue?
Application for re-issue of passports, which are expiring within 12 months, can be accepted for processing/granting. If there are any changes/corrections in the details of the applicant on first inner cover page of the passport, a new passport should be applied.

Q.No.10 I understand that after issue of new passport, my old passport will be cancelled. Does this mean that all valid visas on my old passport will also be cancelled?
The old passport is required to be cancelled at the time of issue of new passport but the Embassy does not cancel the visas on the passport.  However, some countries require that the visa should be on a valid passport.  Please check the regulations of the relevant country.

Q.No.11 I have a hand-written passport which still has validity for more than a year. Can I apply for a Machine-Readable Passport?
Yes. You should apply for re-issue of a passport on this ground.

Q.No.12 How can I make an application for issue of passport for my newly born child?
Checklist for Children Born in Sweden:

  • Print out of duly filled online Indian Passport Application Form which can be done at passport.gov.in/nri. (Please select the appropriate service).

  • Copy of application form for Registration of Birth of Child, duly registered at http://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in under the category "Registration of birth of a minor child at an Indian Consulate under section 4(1) of the citizenship act, 1955"

  • Declaration by Parents for an Indian Passport to a Minor Applicant. (this can be found on the Application Form) ) ( Form no.5)

  • Two passport-size recent photographs

  • Photocopy of both the parent’s passport. (front and last page)  

  • Visa copy, both front and back side / Copy of Residence Permit for both the parents

  • Hospital Discharge Certificate (Please use first two pages of the Förlossningsjournal, in case you aren’t given a discharge certificate)

  • Marriage Certificate issued by the Registrar of marriages if the name of spouse is not entered in either of the parent’s passport

  • Personbevis/Familjbevis issued by Skatteverket giving the name of the child and both his parents

  • A self -addressed stamped REK envelope- if you want the passport to be posted back to you (Applicants living in Latvia may send self-addressed envelope with 11 International Reply Coupons).

  • Proof of bank-giro payment of SEK 852/- (SEK 835/- includes three components: SEK 210/- for registering child's birth with the Embassy, SEK 210/- for issue of a Birth Certificate and SEK 415/- for issue of an Indian Passport to the child) [Inclusive of ICWF Fees SEK 17/-]

Q.No. 13 I would like to change my Indian address in my passport. Will I have to pay extra charges for this? Can this change be reflected in my current passport?
You will have to apply for a fresh passport as now corrections are not allowed in the laminated pages of the passport. Please provide 2 different address proofs for the same.

Q.No. 14 If I send copy of my passport with my passport application, should I send all the 36 pages or the first, the last and the page showing my VISA is enough?
Please send/enclose clear copy of the laminated first page, last page, address page, valid residence permit page and any other relevant page of your passport which contains any endorsement. 

Q.No.15 Would the renewal of my passport change my passport number?
 Yes. A new passport booklet is issued with a new number and new validity.   

Q.No. 16 I have been recently issued my new passport. However, I notice that there is a minor mistake in printing of my name / father’s name /mother’s name. How can I get it rectified? 
Please bring in or post your passport and other supporting documents including your previous cancelled passport (mentioning correct names) to the Embassy. If there is a printing mistake or typo by the Embassy, a new passport will be issued without any fees.

 Q.No. 17 I wish to apply for addition/change of surname following marriage/change of name/ change in appearance/change in signature in my passport. How do I apply for it? 

  • Please read our respective procedures under Passport services. In case the change in Appearance (due to religious purpose etc.) Change of Name, Change of surname and Change in Signature is desired, the applicant needs to submit:
  • Duly filled in Miscellaneous (Attestation) Services Application Form (found under Application forms –Other forms and affidavits – Form No. 1)
  • Respective Affidavits (found under Application forms)
  • Copy of Indian passport (front and back page)
  • Copy of Visa (front and back side)
  • Payment proof of SEK 122/-
  • The attestation would be taken care by the Attestation Section.

Q.No.18 I wish to change my signature. How do I apply for it? 
The signature in the applications form for new passport should exactly match with the signature on old passport. If the applicant wishes to change the signature then it is suggested to do the same first in India after following the procedures there.

Q.No.19 Do I need to bring my new born/minor for submitting the passport application or while collecting the passport?
It is not obligatory to bring new born/minors at the time of submission of applications or collection of passports. Either of the parents can come and get the service required for their children. Parents are requested to carry their photo ID proof while visiting on behalf of children.

Q.No.20 When I print the application form it says ‘The date and time of appointment is printed on the Application Form’ but I cannot see it.
The appointment needs to be booked separately on www.indianembassy.se

Q.No.21 Can I come and collect the passport on my friend’s behalf?
It is suggested that the person passport belongs to; collects it for himself/herself. In case of extreme emergency only close family members can collect the passport along with an authority letter from the applicant and a photo ID proof of the individual collecting it.

Q.No. 22 The Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency) isn’t ready to put my child’s name as I want. According to them, father’s name cannot be child’s surname. What should I do?
You can register the name of the child with Skatteverket as per their rules. While filling the Passport application and birth registration online, you may write the name as you want. Once you have the name in desired format in the passport, you may go to Skatteverket and get the name changed in Personbevis.

Q.No.23. What is an REK envelope which I should send for receiving the passport back?
An REK envelope is a registered post (rekomenderat brev) which has enough amount of stamp over(approx. for 100 SEK) for it to be tracked. One can get more information about this from Posten or the stores which sell envelopes & stamps (COOP, ICA etc.)

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