About Us Re-Issue of Passports for Minor Applicants

Re-Issue Of Passports For Minor Applicants: 

  • Current passport in original and copies (first & last page)
  • Copy of Residence Permit/Work permit for Sweden (front and back side)
  • Latest Personbevis OR the Extract of Population Register (having child's name) issued by Skatteverket for Residents of Sweden
  • One Local address proof for Residents of Latvia
  • An affidavit named Declaration by Parents for an Indian Passport to a Minor Applicant, under the age of 18 (can be found under Forms related to Passport services (Form no.3)
  • A self -addressed stamped REK envelope of appropriate size if you want the passport to be posted back to you. Applicants living in Latvia may attach 11 International Reply Coupons to their self-addressed envelopes.
  • Proof of payment of SEK 432/- (for 36-page booklet) Bank Giro No. 5816-4930

Please note that one needs to provide MOTTAGNINGSKVITTO (from Migrationsverket) with child’s name if the visa is under extension, along with a letter from employer/Institute where one of the parents’ is working/studying.

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